Ideation and Prototyping Final Presentation



Jude updated the questionnaire part of our project with a mock run through.


Irwin finished the card design and I printed them and cut them to begin working out how it feels in the physical space.

Card design by Irwin.

In the image below you can see that I chose virtual reality. I landed on some cards I thought I would need for a virtual reality production. This included investment, script writing, storyboarding, wireframing, animation, rigging, motion capture, testing, editing, marketing and screening. I really enjoyed how the extra descriptions can provide even more context for exactly what each step is requiring.

Actually printing out the deck was extremely helpful for getting a feel for how the system will work. While we didn’t have time to test on users yet I found in the short period of time that I was already realizing ways in which we can improve. Firstly, I think the use of real cards and numbers was very nice to see (also providing a dual purpose) but might slightly take away from the productivity of the game. If we wanted to keep it more fun, I’d say we could keep the traditional card numbers but if we wanted to make it more serious it might be better to brand the cards only on their categories.

To make diving into the brainstorming easier we could color code to only categories consisting of “channels, pre-production, production, post-production.” I found myself spreading out all of the cards in order to organize them to my liking. It was really great to see how we could start connecting the dots in order to visualize the process for a production. I feel like often the tools available to us for scheduling and many of these tasks are never visualized. It’s most often a to-do list, or excel spreadsheet with a timeline. It was really nice to piece a production together using the cards.


Final Slides


I am proud of the work we’ve done on this project so far. I think doing more user testing in person with the physical cards will be extremely valuable feedback. I also think getting feedback on the categories would be very helpful. We may need to adjust how many cards we have in each category to be more useful. Also, I think running users through both the website and cards back to back is necessary to see how seamless that process can be.

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