Ideation and Prototyping: Research for Design Part II

I wanted to use this new tool to visualize some of the search terms on the topics my group is working on. We are making a tool for producers and storytellers to work through and design their experience in the correct new medium of their choice. This includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality.

I started trying to connect some dots on this infographic program (InfraNodus) that scours the internet and creates connections between the nodes and their corresponding concepts/metadata. I tried inputting and searching for different terms. It was interesting to see the connections made by VR, AR, MR and Storytelling.

Some of these connections show the connected nature of these new mediums. For example blending reality with the virtual and the use of computers and their environment. Is this the perfect environment for all new stories? Definitely not, but our tool will help creators pick the perfect medium for the story they are telling.

The preliminary votes/responses from my group’s survey

Rani started this survey and we’ve gotten some prelimary responses already.

These responses are very interesting pertaining to the use of social media and AR. This seems to be the way to gather the largest audience for your work.

A key response here is the ease of use for AR. This is definitely a big advantage as it is definitely more accessible for the end user. The downsides are often the quality/accuracy of the experience itself.

We will be reaching out to experts in the field like the AR/VR association to gain some insights as well.


These are the main stakeholders we are targeting for our research project.

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