Ideation and Prototyping: Time Capsule Part III

For the last part of my time capsule I decided to first start out sketching some potential scenes. I was having a hard time finding interesting revelations from whoever finds the time capsule. I was almost more interested in trying to predict what the world in 2145 would look like.

A rough sketch of potential scenes.

I’m not super confident in my drawing skills so I started looking online for comic creators to help me make something that would be enjoyable to read. I tried this site first but found the character editor wasn’t very good and you couldn’t edit their poses.

I was able to find the website Storyboardthat which turned out to be an awesome editor with just enough customization. I began building the scenes and working around some of the objects and backgrounds that they had available. It was honestly really fun to play around with and they give students a 14 day free trial so I could export everything.

I exported the final comic in multiple formats including a gif of the entire thing playing, I attached it at the bottom.

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