Melodic Elements- Music Interaction Design

The midi controller will engage pitch slides based on user input in two directions.

The two options for this are a joystick connected to board or an accelerometer & gyroscope.

If the board is attached to the joystick well it will most likely be more accurate with consistent use.

In the video above I tested a simple chord progression with pitch slides. I want the controller to be locked in scale so looking at chords or single notes is useful as a study. These notes wobble and change together. I started to slowly move the pitch within one semitone slowly up and down. These created really interesting effects that feel like rising and falling. The more energy (acceleration) in the change of pitch within this scale almost creates its own wah effect. The wah effect and pedals, generally spike one frequency, and turning the pedal on and off creates the wah. I think this pitch bending wah effect is also a slightly more subtle way of achieving a similar result. I want to connect the tactile nature of speeding up the pitch bend- to the way we get the input in the controller.

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