Rhythm and Interaction- Music Interaction Design

My project does not deal with rhythm as directly. I want to create an exploratory tool, but one that is within the confines of a DAW. As we saw in class the DAW handles the time signature and BPM. I want to trigger midi and metadata for certain parameters of built in instruments/effects. Last week I was testing the automation of pitch using the plug-in Alterboy by Soundtoys. Something I discovered was that any pitch alteration beyond around .2 semitones starts to sound off, especially in an arpeggiator. Therefore I want my tool to constrain wobble effects to smaller amounts. I also discovered that slides sound really nice but have to be done quickly.

  • Create a movement interaction for wobble
  • Create a movement interaction for slides

I’m really inspired by the work with the accelerometer in this project by Amanda Ghassaei.

I started a circuit to begin connecting sensors to Ableton

Using TSR Sliders for slides?

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