User Path – Music Interaction Design

To start experimenting with user paths I honed in my idea on an expressive tool for pitch modulation. This tool must also be locked into scale to make it more interesting. An artist named in using the Roli Seaboard said “There’s an ocean between Db and Eb.” This always inspired me to see what else is possible. I wanted to take this concept further and develop a responsive board to ride the ocean pitch wave.

One of the most popular plugins in modern producing is called RetroColor. A defining feature of RetroColor is its “wobble effect module” that rides the pitch like a tape or vinyl would. I believe that giving the user more expressibility in this function would be of benefit.

In the video I show the setup for my device. I want to use pads instead of notes to get away from the standard piano. Instead of the automation I want to use an accelerometer and gyroscope to respond to pitch changes while notes/chords are being played.

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