Intro to Fab: Materials and Fasteners

For materials and fasteners, I decided to attach the wooden camera handle I made with my 3d printed camera housing. This is PLA with wood that I’ve carved and stained. First I needed to measure holes for the threads in the handle. I knew I would be going through many iterations of the camera body so glue didn’t make any sense. I have a kit of m3, m4, and m5 screws and bought some threaded inserts at Tinkershere. The screws are m3’s and I drilled a hole in the wood hat would barely fit the insert, and then I hammered it in tight.

I used my Dremel to make the curves more pronounced and pleasing to grip in the palm area. I then smoothed everything as much as i could before moving on to sanding.

I used 80 and 120 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

I stained the wood after sanding with red chestnut, which is an oil based penetrating wood stain.

I was really happy with how dark the color of the handle turned out. I did two coats to make sure it kept as much of that as possible.

I used two m3 screws to fasten the handle to the body of the camera.

This is a quick layout of where some of the electronics will be in the final design with the motorized shutter.

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