Logo & Brand Design

In designing my personal brand I will be building upon some of the work I’ve already done in terms of color palette and typography.

Also I made a simplified version of my ITP winter show poster. It contained too many elements and lacked a clear visual style. By stripping it to its key elements I think I have a much more successful poster.

I chose two fonts for my personal style guide. They are Ibarra Real Nova and Lobster.

In my initial sketching I knew I wanted to just work with the letter W. I used a combination of thick rectangles and thin lines. In my past work I’ve experimented with subtraction to create new patterns and wanted to use that technique as well. If you start with W and work left to right, it read ‘W’ ‘I’ ‘L’ ‘L’. This is sort of a hidden trick as most people would not understand this initially. But I find the logo pleasing without that knowledge as well.

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