ICM Blog #1

I am interested in all types of interaction design. And while I come from mainly a filmmaking background, I have had some experience in making VR, coding in C# for Unity and basic Arduino commands. I imagine myself building upon my knowledge and opening the doors for a lot of projects. This could include the making of devices that work with the internet of things, interactive art using Arduino and motors, and the opportunity to create my own tools for art.

For this week in Intro to Comp Media, I started working with basic shapes and colors in the P5.JS web editor. Once I got the hang of things I started thinking of Picasso as an inspiration, to make a simple abstract portrait. I began drawing on graph paper because I wanted to be able to think about which coordinates to use first when I started sketching.

These are some of the images I used for inspiration.

I began coding and filled in the specific shapes. For some of them, I defined integers in order to keep variables in relation to each other. This can be seen in my second screenshot where I refer to the coordinates in relation to smokex and smokey.

Also I had an RGB color picker on another tab so I was able to find the colors I needed with exact values. I tried to keep things minimal and abstract for the aesthetic. I also added smaller randomized ellipses inside of the smoke to resemble embers.

This is the code for how I made the facial outline.
This is the code for how I made the smoke.

Below is my final piece.

There is a link at the bottom to open it in the web editor, and see all the code there.


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