• Mxd Week 3

    February 24, 2021 by

    This week we learned how to use the sequencer in Unreal and create planes with media textures for displaying video in the world. I brought in my favorite character from Mixamo to do some dancing for a virtual audience. I wanted to build cathedral like walls using Quixel assets as well. I had some technical… Read more

  • Visual Art with Gans: Google Colab

    February 19, 2021 by

    It took a minute to get up and running with Colab but I’m enjoying seeing the code and understanding the process a bit better. I started with style transfers again in order to get familiar and it dawned on me that I should start experimenting with some Cyanotype prints that I’ve made. input style output… Read more

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Making Visual Art with GANs: Week 1 – Testing RunwayML

After getting set up in RunwayML I trained my first image of a black and white scene of ducks. I trained it on the Picasso model. input – picasso model output – picasso model I was really excited to train different models on this photograph of the Jersey Devil at Lucille’s in New Jersey, especially … Continue reading Making Visual Art with GANs: Week 1 – Testing RunwayML

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